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If you remember just one thing while you are researching window film, window tinting and window film dealers, it should be this: How your window film is installed is just as important—and may even be more important—than which manufacturer’s window film you purchase or even how much you spend.

Today’s high technology window films require consistent, proper surface preparation, close attention to temperature and correct installation technique to deliver years of trouble-free performance.

Engineered Group is one of North America’s most respected organizations for window film installation on large commercial, government and institutional projects. If you happen to be a Central Florida homeowner, you can benefit from our experience too.

If you want the peace of mind that comes with a product backed by the Fortune 500 company that invented window film—and knowing that your 3M™ Window Film will be installed by craftsmen who have completed hundreds of thousands of square feet of challenging projects—then please give us a call.

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