The Benefits of Commercial Window Tinting

commercial window tint in orlando floridaCommercial window tint was once an aesthetic energy saving addition to your commercial property, adding the comfort of reduced sunlight and indoor glare while reducing the heat transfer from outdoors in the same manner that window tint on your automobile worked. Today, with the advancement of film and tint technologies, the benefits of utilizing commercial window tint are far greater. From additional safety, security and comfort to reduced energy usage and costs, 3M tints and films for your business can save your business money and increase the comfort for you, your employees, and your customers—all with one addition to your building.

How Will Commercial Window Tint Help Your Business?

  • Increased Energy Efficiency
  • Additional Safety and Security Layers
  • Improved Aesthetics and Appearance
  • Increased Comfort in the Workplace

Energy: How Can Films and Tints Help?

In commercial spaces, HVAC systems are an expensive cost to install and maintain, let alone the monthly bill that comes along with them. The windows in a building act as giant heating elements in the summer months, allowing the heat of the sun to permeate into your business space, putting more strain on your air-conditioning system. During the colder months of the year, windows act as heat soaks, slowly sapping the heat from your indoor space; windows are not as efficient at insulating the indoors from the elements as walls and doors. Considering commercial spaces typically have more windows and glass panes than residential homes, the addition of an energy-saving film or tint from 3M can make a huge difference on your HVAC system and utility bills by increasing temperature reflection and insulation from the elements, and decreasing the workload on your heating and cooling systems. Savings on utility bills for buildings with light directing and energy saving films can reduce your lighting energy costs as much as 52% from your baseline, and save you up to a ton of air-conditioning for every 100 square feet of your commercial space. Engineered Group carries a variety of energy-efficient 3M films and tints, in a multitude of price ranges and styles, to suit your energy saving needs.

Low Cost Safety and Security

As a business owner, nothing is more important than the safety and security of your employees, assets, and workplaces. Even with a top of the line security system, your business is never truly invincible to break-ins or robberies. At best, a security system is a solid defense and deterrent to thieves or crooks. One additional benefit of applying film or tint to your commercial space is that it acts as an extra layer of security for all of the glass surfaces and windows that may seem like easy points of entry to tempted burglars. Utilizing thicker polyester and adhesive than standard window tinting material, 3M Safety and Security Window Films are designed to go the extra mile, ensuring that windows do not shatter when they are smashed or broken. This translates to a harder window to break into—which can leave a thief in a precarious situation. Do they continue to try and break in, try another window, or give up entirely? At a minimum, it will take them longer to break in, allowing your security system to do its job and inform law enforcement. The surprise of a window not breaking right away or after a couple blows might change a thief’s mind entirely, causing them to flee the scene. While nothing can truly prevent break-ins from occurring, window films can help decrease the damage incurred, and possible deter burglars after an initial attempt. The same features of these films that provide security also provide a layer of safety; by preventing windows from shattering into a high number of small pieces and causing a complete hole in or removal of the window, window films can decrease the chances of injury due to broken glass. While all tints and films offer some level of increased protection, Engineered Group offers everything from traditional tint and film, to films designed specifically for safety and security.

Improving the Look of Your Commercial Space

The aesthetic improvement possibilities that commercial window tint can provide business owners are endless. From the general appearance of a commercial space from the road to graphics and different effects both indoors and out, window tint can be a more cost efficient alternative to etched glass, graphics, and more. Regardless of how well organized and thought out the interior of your business is, shielding any “visual noise” from possible clients and customers outside your space can completely change the look and feel of your business or commercial space’s exterior or “street view.” This initial curb appeal and impression can make the difference between you and your competitors business and traffic. Inside, the use of privacy tints and films can create a fogged glass appearance that serves as both an increase to privacy and an aesthetic upgrade to any office space. Typical applications include interior glass doors, office dividers, glass walls, conference rooms, and more. From textured glass to fogged glass, etched glass and more, Engineered Group offers a variety of window tint options by 3M that can dramatically change both the curb appeal and interior beauty and professionalism of your business or commercial building—all at a fraction of the cost and time compared to traditional glass upgrades.

Comfort in the Workplace

Much like the way automotive tinting can increase the comfort of your car or truck on a hot day, commercial window tinting can provide an increased comfort level for your building using the same principles. In the same way that tints and films can save you money on energy costs, they can provide less glare on monitors and screens, consistent temperatures in work-spaces, and even direct light in specific directions to reduce the need for artificial lighting. As comfort is just as important to your customers and clients as it is your employees, a multi-purpose film or tint from 3M—professionally installed by our expert installation professionals—can help create a working environment that feels comfortable and promotes better productivity.

A professionally installed commercial tint or film to your building’s windows can provide a multitude of benefits for your business, and are a cost effective supplement to the comfort, security, and aesthetics of your workplace. Schedule a free estimate with Engineered Group now, and see how a professional 3M Window Tint and Film application could help your business today.