What is Window Film?

orlando window tintingBefore window film was invented, homeowners or businessowners who wanted frosted, insulated or darkened glass would have to have it coated. Chemical glass coatings can be expensive when applied to an entire home or office. Additionally, the process is disruptive to the daily, ongoing activities, as well as potentially harmful. Thankfully, there are several types of adhesive film that can be applied to a window that create the same effect. These films are easier, cheaper and safer to install than a traditional double-glazed window. Professional installation is still recommended, although ambitious homeowners can do this as a DIY project. Window films are also significantly cheaper to install, even when professional companies are hired to complete the process. Films can be installed quicker too, meaning that they process is less disruptive. For homeowners, this means more quality time with family and the privacy that accompanies it. For businessowners, this means less lost profits as the distraction of installation is much shorter. Finally, films are less dangerous, as they don’t require a chemical to be sprayed into the air both inside and outside of the building. In the next section, the advantages of window films will be discussed in more detail. For those on the fence about which type of window treatment to install, this may help you decide.

What Are The Advantages of Window Film?

In addition to the benefits listed above, there are other more specific reasons to choose window films for your home or business.

  • In most buildings, the windows are the weakest link regarding a home’s insulation. Specifically, this is where the most hot or cold air is lost, depending on the season. Adding a film to a window can decrease this loss significantly, by nearly double in most cases.
  • Window films are ideal for a wide variety of climates. In colder areas, these films let light in to warm up the home, without allowing warm air out. Conversely, they work fantastically to keep damaging UV rays out of homes in hot and sunny climates. Without window protection, UV rays can discolor flooring and carpets, as well as damage wooden furniture. Thus, the value of your home or office can be protected by adding window films in vulnerable areas.
  • Unlike double-glazed glass, window films can be easily added and removed. Since there are several different types, you may wish to change them out for a different level of shade. For renters, this is an added bonus as landlords may not allow permanent alterations to the building.
  • Most reputable brands that sell films for windows have extended warranties. Ranging between five and ten years, this will ensure that you get a quality product that lasts up to a decade.
  • Finally, adding window films can increase the energy efficiency of your home dramatically. This is environmentally beneficial and saves you money, too.

Benefits of Increased Energy Efficiency

In general, humans spend much of their time indoors. Ensuring that their indoor space is comfortable is one of the standout benefits of having an energy efficient home or office. Adding window films is one of many ways to ensure that your home is energy efficient. Other than increased comfort, having an efficient building can save a significant amount of money on heating and cooling services. In extremely warm or cold climates, a decrease in cost can be hundreds of dollars across a season. Over the course of a year, estimates on savings reach up to $1000. When coupled with other methods for increasing efficiency, window films become a key part of a plan to save money on energy costs. For those thinking of selling their home immediately or soon, a nice set of window films can increase your home’s cost substantially. A combination of a comfortable environment and the potential for lower bills is enticing to possible buyers. Finally, increasing energy efficiency via window films and other methods lowers the carbon footprint of your home or office. For homeowners, this helps you feel better about your environmental impact. For business owners, many customers will appreciate you taking this step towards building a greener company.