security window tint orlando floridaCommercial window tint has many benefits for buildings located on commercial property, including extra security. High-tech security systems aren’t the only component that keeps your building safe and its contents, which also includes your customers and employees. Most commercial building owners who have taken the initiative to install a variety of window tint applications for extra security have also seen the economic benefits as well.

Commercial window tint can block out 80 percent of the sun’s heat, and it also has a 99 percent efficiency rating for blocking out harmful UV rays while reducing glare by 95 percent. Commercial window film is manufactured in varying degrees of light transmission; therefore, choosing one that compliments your building and meets your security needs is easier than ever before.

What is Commercial Window Tint?

Commercial window tint is made by utilizing a thin layer of laminate film, which can be applied to exterior and interior glass surfaces such as buildings, boats, automobiles, etc. It’s manufactured with polyethylene terephthalate (PET), which is a thermoplastic polymer resin that provides clarity, dimensional stability, and tensile strength to any glass surface that it’s applied to, making this an exceptional product for adding an extra level of security to your commercial building.

The Extra Levels of Security

Increased Safety

If you own a building on commercial property, natural disasters and accidents can wreak havoc on your insurance premiums and building operations. You can protect your building from the aftermath by installing commercial-grade window film, which prevents airborne projectiles from entering the building, and it holds broken glass together. This is especially important if your commercial building is located in areas that are prone to tropical storms with high wind speeds.

Flying glass shards into a building is the leading cause of fatalities and injuries during violent storms. Window film is designed to protect the people in your building and the building itself. Additionally, it keeps looters out and reduces business disruptions as well as the loss of data.

Increases Security

It’s important for your customers and employees to feel secure inside your building. You also want to protect your merchandise and data. Commercial window tint can reduce vandalism, forced entry and even protects against bomb blasts. With more and more acts of random terrorism, it has become vital to find ways to reduce the threat of such unfortunate events the best we can. If your building were subject to a bomb blast, the anchoring system ensures a stronger hold, and the security film will serve as a safety net, which holds the broken shards together.

These products really are quite revolutionary, they provide maximum protection while still achieving optical clarity. The type of film that your commercial building requires often depends on several factors such as its location and proximity to other potential buildings that terrorists may target. You should consult with a professional window tint installer to have a proper assessment done on your commercial property.

Reduces Commercial Accidents

There are a lot of commercial buildings that operate on natural gas, and commercial building explosions can be a hazardous threat to your customers and employees despite the use of the best safety measures put in place. As mentioned above, flying glass shards are responsible for more injuries and deaths inside commercial buildings when a blast occurs than any other type of unfortunate event.

People who are within the vicinity of a blast, whether inside or outside the building are unprotected. The force of a blast can send flying glass shards at speeds over 100 mph, and they slice through anything in their way. A lot of senseless injuries and fatalities can be greatly reduced by installing security level window film.

Enhanced Interior Security Panels

Provide your customers and employees with elegant and custom interiors that offer enhanced privacy and security without sacrificing natural light. Many commercial buildings are designed with glass paneled offices, commercial-grade interior window films can define spaces without confining them, which is also important for those working inside of these areas. They can be utilized on exterior windows, interior glass panels, and privacy doors, which allows clear sight outside while ensuring security and privacy inside.

There are a variety of interior window film products that look expensive, but come at an affordable price. Your installer can create the look of sandblasted, cut or edged glass. Custom window tint can also enhance the appearance of your commercial building and add branding awareness to your business with custom logos and trademarks while offering a higher level of security for the people inside.

Long-Term Benefits of Commercial Window Tint

Although exterior glass panels for commercial buildings are designed for allowing maximum natural light while reflecting hot and cold weather elements, they don’t offer the same level of security as commercial window film does; therefore, when it comes to maximum protection, installing security level window film is your best option.

Now for the good news, commercial-grade window film is a sustainable product that offers many long-term benefits in addition to being your building’s security net. Is your energy cost affecting your bottom line? Some of these long-term benefits include:

  • An 80 percent reduction in AC and heat loss
  • Reduces carbon emissions and blocks harmful elements
  • Lowers utility costs with increased energy savings
  • Fast return on your investment while immediately saving you money
  • Can be used toward LEED credits and lowers insurance premiums
  • Offers maximum comfort for customers and employees
  • Provides maximum building security and protection against vandalism

Other Considerations for Commercial Window Film Installations

Your first consideration should be toward quality and not a discounted price because a high-quality window film will last for decades. If you purchase discounted or low-quality window film, you may discover that a full replacement will be required in just a few years after the installation, which will cost you more in the end. It’s always better and more economical to install high-quality window film products the first time around.

There are a lot of installers that provide high-quality window film installations for commercial buildings in the marketplace today. Engineered Group is one of the premier installers of commercial window film applications. They provide high-quality commercial window film products and come highly recommend.